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My cat has fleas? Recognize symptoms

My cat has fleas? Recognize symptoms – Allcatsnames Do not know how to recognize if your cat has fleas? A brief overview of possible symptoms to help you. fleas in cats can be recognized by symptoms such as itching. Especially if your cat is outdoor cat, you should be checked regularly for small parasites. That […] Continue reading →

Hair loss in cats: Possible causes

Hair loss in cats: Possible causes – Allcatsnames hair loss in cats should be considered only in moderation as normal. A close, glossy and soft fur dress is finally a barometer for the mental and physical well-being of a cat. Excessive hair loss can have several causes. hair loss in cats: The causes must be […] Continue reading →

Help from Nature: Cats with Bach Flowers treat

Help from Nature: Cats with Bach Flowers treat – Allcatsnames As a Bach Flower for cats alternative remedies are referred to, which should bring plant-based improvement for various mental suffering. The Bach Flower therapy was developed by British physician Dr. Edward Bach and is applicable to humans and animals. Bach Flower Remedies for Cats are […] Continue reading →

Hair lice in cats: Causes and symptoms

Hair lice in cats: Causes and symptoms – Allcatsnames hair lice in cats are a rare but very unpleasant and contagious parasite species. They live in the fur of pets and where they multiply and cause severe itching at them. A shaggy cat frequently scratching, might have lice. hair lice in cats are very small, […] Continue reading →

FIP in cats. symptoms

FIP in cats: symptoms – Allcatsnames FIP in cats referred to the Feline infectious peritonitis. This is an infectious peritonitis, which is triggered by a viral infection and is fatal in the rule. FIP in cats is manifested by symptoms such as fever, loss of appetite and shortness of breath. Known The Feline infectious peritonitis, […] Continue reading →

First Aid for Cats. Tips for emergencies

First Aid for Cats: Tips for emergencies – Allcatsnames It is said that cats have nine lives – that prevents our little rascals but not because, from time to time to put one at risk. Whether small or large Malheur accident: it is in an emergency, to remain calm and to act purposefully, because the […] Continue reading →

Fleas in cats. The Causes

Fleas in cats: The Causes – Allcatsnames Once they are there, haste is the word: fleas in cats can be a real nuisance to humans and animals. The causes can be contact with infected animal friends or straying into the bushes. causes for fleas in cats can be found especially outdoors. Because their fur is […] Continue reading →

Fever in cats. Symptoms recognize

Fever in cats: Symptoms recognize – Allcatsnames fever in cats is a natural reaction of the immune system which shows the body to fight viruses and bacteria. Fever is therefore usually a symptom of another underlying disease, which should clarify the veterinarian. fever in cats is manifested by fatigue. When the temperature rises the cat […] Continue reading →

Defenestration in cats. Immediately bring to the vet

Defenestration in cats: Immediately bring to the vet – Allcatsnames window sills and balustrades are among the haunts of cats. From there also assessed cozy house cat can watch the action outside attention. But the favorite place poses risks: The consequences of a window lintel are often underestimated. Read here what you should do after […] Continue reading →

Vomiting in Cats. Possible causes

Vomiting in Cats: Possible causes – Allcatsnames vomiting in cats can have various causes, many of which are harmless. Since it can also be signs of a serious condition but it is important to be able to know and to exclude some possible causes. vomiting in cats: Many causes are harmless. vomiting in cats is […] Continue reading →