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Rabies in cats: Symptoms

Rabies in cats: Symptoms – Allcatsnames In Germany applies rabies in cats, but also in general, as eradicated. Nevertheless, it is possible that the fatal viral disease transmitted from abroad entrained animals. From these symptoms you tell if your pet has infected. The symptoms of rabies in cats are in the early stages difficult to […] Continue reading →

If the cat does not eat: Tips on appetite

If the cat does not eat: Tips on appetite – Allcatsnames If the cat does not eat, you can use tricks to try to make her food again tasty. Loss of appetite that lasts longer should be examined by a vet, especially if the cat appears sick. Loss of appetite in cats: These tips will […] Continue reading →

Pica in cats: Causes and symptoms

Pica in cats: Causes and symptoms – Allcatsnames The Pica in cats causes the dogs not only eat her cat food, but also indigestible such as clothing, carpet or plastic. The eating disorder can have lethal consequences. What are the symptoms and what is the cause? If your feline friend just eats everything, this is […] Continue reading →

Arthritis in cats. How to recognize symptoms

Arthritis in cats: How to recognize symptoms – Allcatsnames Arthritis in cats is a disease that mostly affects older animals. The concomitant painful inflammation in the joints ensure that the dogs are losing elegance and agility -. No wonder, for movements that were previously easy, you fall hard now Cats with arthritis are much more […] Continue reading →

Beriberi in cats

Beriberi in cats Many cat owner did not even think about questions that cats like any living organism needs certain vitamins. Autumn deficiency disease in cats and ways to deal with it The mistake many owners of domestic cats is that they consider their pets safe from many hardships, including the fall of beriberi. It’s […] Continue reading →