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Cat Mushroom. treatment of disease

Cat Mushroom: treatment of disease – Allcatsnames If your house cat is suffering from cat fungus, treatment should start as soon as possible. The infection is not only uncomfortable, but also very contagious – both for animals and for people . The treatment of fungal cats should be done as quickly as possible. If you […] Continue reading →

Cat with constipation treat. Tips

Cat with constipation treat: Tips – Allcatsnames If you can not properly defecating Stubentiger, you can treat this problem using different methods. Here are tips for how to deal with a cat with constipation. How do you treat a cat with constipation? Does your cat struggling with constipation, there are different ways to treat them […] Continue reading →

So you can prevent constipation in your cat

So you can prevent constipation in your cat – Allcatsnames Constipation can be very uncomfortable for your cat. With these tips and tricks can help prevent indigestion. Very important: sufficient fluid and motion . A little milk can prevent constipation in cats. Constipation in cats is a common problem, which you can prevent with the […] Continue reading →

Cats FIP disease. diagnosis and treatment

Cats FIP disease: diagnosis and treatment – Allcatsnames A disease with FIP is often difficult to detect in a cat, especially if it is the dry form without fluid retention. Is the cat scratch disease has been diagnosed, there is little hope for the diseased animal. The cats FIP disease can be diagnosed through blood […] Continue reading →

How useful are cats insurance?

How useful are cats insurance? – Allcatsnames liability and health insurance for people are not only useful, but also necessary. But what about the insurance for cats? There are several cats as the animal liability insurance or cat insurance – here you will find some information about the topic . Cat Insurance: When they make […] Continue reading →

Is cats fungus contagious to humans?

Is cats fungus contagious to humans? – Allcatsnames Especially velvet paws from typical holiday destinations in southern Europe are often infected with fungus cats. If the disease is contagious for humans? The answer is yes. Then you should look for when you or your children come in contact with stray cats. Cats fungus is contagious […] Continue reading →

Worm treatment for cats. parasite be no chance

Worm treatment for cats: parasite be no chance – Allcatsnames A worm treatment for cats, precaution and acute worm infestation are administered. Find out here, in which case it is important and what types of wormers there. worm treatment for cats: Especially important for Freigängern. Without regular worming for cats, the parasites can quickly lead […] Continue reading →

When cats scratch. causes of itching in the ears

When cats scratch: causes of itching in the ears – Allcatsnames The ears are the most important sensory organs of cats. If your feline friend unnatural frequently scratching at the ears, you should check where the itching occurs. It could be due in consideration: It can be an inflammation or too much earwax. But even […] Continue reading →

Vaccination and prevention of cat to FIP

Vaccination and prevention of cat to FIP – Allcatsnames Careful prevention is the best protection against severe disease FIP cats. Also, a vaccine is available, but these must be refreshed annually. A vaccination can afford prevention of FIP, but does not always provide complete protection. The transmission of FIP usually occurs via the faeces or […] Continue reading →

Gingivitis in cats. Causes

Gingivitis in cats: Causes – Allcatsnames dental problems, a weak immune system and various cat diseases: A gingivitis in cats can have several causes. The most common triggers, we want to describe in the following. A gum infection can have very different causes. The gingivitis is not only an unpleasant disease for cats. You may […] Continue reading →