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When cats vomit. What you can do

When cats vomit: What you can do – Allcatsnames When cats vomit their owners wish, of course, that their pets goes well again as soon as possible. What you can do for it, depends on the cause of the symptoms from which, if sustained, should be discussed by the veterinary surgeon. When cats vomit often […] Continue reading →

So you can cat fleas fight

So you can cat fleas fight – Allcatsnames Cat fleas are just a nuisance for your feline friend. They can occur in the cleanest homes and seek statistically almost one in five home cat. In particular, outdoor cats are at risk of catching the small wingless insects. Read here how to combat cat fleas successfully. […] Continue reading →

If the cat was bitten. to the vet?

If the cat was bitten: to the vet? – Allcatsnames When a cat is bitten, which usually happens in the fight with a conspecific. But as bad as a bite wound and actually what you need to do when you discover it? If your cat is bitten and has come with a bite wound home? […] Continue reading →

Symptoms of cat scratch disease ataxia

Symptoms of cat scratch disease ataxia – Allcatsnames A cat with ataxia less moves gracefully and safely than their peers: Uncoordinated movements, tumbling, or sudden overturning are typical disorders of the musculoskeletal system of Samtpfote . A cat with ataxia is recognizable by uncoordinated movements. In many cats with ataxia, the damage to the central […] Continue reading →

Tips. How to prevent ticks in cats

Tips: How to prevent ticks in cats – Allcatsnames Who wants to protect his feline friend from infectious diseases, should prevent ticks in cats. For this you need your cat does not even prohibit the free passage: periodic monitoring, various preparations, and these tips can help against the parasite . Preventing ticks in cats: Examine […] Continue reading →

Symptoms. How to detect tartar in cats

Symptoms: How to detect tartar in cats – Allcatsnames Who knows the symptoms, can detect tartar in cats at an early stage and take appropriate action. The sooner you go with your house cat to the vet, the better the chances that your cat’s teeth and jaw take no lasting damage. All the more timely […] Continue reading →

Veterinary costs: How much does it cost to neuter a cat?

Veterinary costs: How much does it cost to neuter a cat? – Allcatsnames If you want to neuter his cat, it allows so usually a artgerechteres and safer life. But how high are actually the veterinary costs for such an operation? cat: veterinary costs should be calculated beforehand. If you want to neuter a cat, […] Continue reading →

Hyperthyroidism in cats. Symptoms

Hyperthyroidism in cats: Symptoms – Allcatsnames An unrecognized hyperthyroidism in cats can lead to severe organ damage. To recognize the symptoms of the disease in time, therefore, is particularly important. Find out on what signs you need to look out for. If symptoms of hyperthyroidism in cats, the veterinarian should be consulted. An overactive thyroid […] Continue reading →

Persian cat. Are there typical diseases?

Persian cat: Are there typical diseases? – Allcatsnames Diseases can catch every Stubentiger times, as well as the Persian cat. Are there any health risks that affect this breed frequently? Make sure when choosing your Persian cat on a species-appropriate breeding. To exclude cats diseases as well as possible, the Persian cat, like any other […] Continue reading →

Thus, a bite wound in cats treated

Thus, a bite wound in cats treated – Allcatsnames How the treatment of a bite wound in cats looks, then decide what extent has the injury. Try to move your injured Stubentiger as quickly as possible to a veterinarian, cleans the wound first and then provides an accurate diagnosis. At the vet, the bite wound […] Continue reading →