Cats castration. Why it is important for animal welfare

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Cats castration: Why it is important for animal welfare – Allcatsnames

Die timely cats castration is considered an important contribution to animal protection. The recommended addition to animal welfare organizations such as PETA and the Federal Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons (BTK). But why? The main reasons can be found here.

Cats castration: Why it is important for animal welfare
Same chance for everyone: Cat neutering is important for animal welfare.

cats can get up to three times in a litter of three to six boys. According to Peta, the offspring of an un-neutered cat potentiated within seven years, at least in theory to an incredible 420,000 descendants. In the face of these figures, the disadvantages of neutering cats move clearly in the background.

Cats castration as a contribution to animal protection

If you can not castrate his free-roaming cat, therefore, runs the risk of unintentionally contribute to the uncontrolled proliferation cats. Because so sweet kittens will also include many of them find no beautiful home in which they are supplied lovingly and humanely. More and more overcrowded animal shelters and abandoned strays illustrate a trend that you should not support them.

Even those who concede only one throwing his cat and want to give away the kittens, not necessarily in the sense of velvet paws: For each of these kittens reduces the chances of shelter residents to a new home.

cat as a stray: Often no decent life

Cats are, since they were domesticated, dependent on humans in everyday life. We provide them with enough food, take care of the medical care and give them attention, do not get wild cats. Therefore, they do not have it as easy as domestic cats, feed their up to six boys by far. Worm infestation and malnutrition threaten the animals as well as possible transfers of diseases which may be contracted as an uncastrated male in territorial fights themselves.

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responsibility of cat breeders

BTK-President Prof. Dr. Theo mantle therefore advises: “A responsible breeder pairs his cat and has targeted before the planned pregnancy secure outlets for the kittens, so the animals are delivered in good and responsible hands.” There is otherwise a great risk that the small cats must live a life of misery later: Overburdened cat owners often take double or bring them to the shelter.

Who limits the young cats by castration, so therefore makes a valuable contribution to animal protection.