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A disease with FIP is often difficult to detect in a cat, especially if it is the dry form without fluid retention. Is the cat scratch disease has been diagnosed, there is little hope for the diseased animal.

Cats FIP disease: diagnosis and treatment
The cats FIP disease can be diagnosed through blood tests and removal of fluid from the abdominal cavity.

As a FIP disease usually begins with broadly interpretable symptoms such as fever, loss of appetite and shortness of breath, an accurate diagnosis is difficult for the veterinarian. There is also no specific blood test that can be tested with the clear on the cat scratch disease. Tests for antibodies to the vet so he can not tell if the cat is wearing a harmless form of coronaviruses in itself or is infected with the dangerous, FIP-causing form.

FIP in cats: Difficult to diagnose

In particular, the dry form of FIP is very difficult to diagnose, because the fluid inclusions are missing in the chest or abdomen, which characterize the humid version of cat scratch disease. By extraction and analysis of fluid from the body cavities of the cat but the wet form of FIP can from the vet with relative certainty be determined.

To this end, the so-called “Rivalta sample” performed: A drop of the liquid removed is placed in a test tube containing distilled water and a drop of glacial acetic acid. Dissolves the drops of liquid sample on and not sink to the bottom, can be diagnosed with relative probability of FIP. A negative result does not rule out FIP ​​with great certainty.

also antibodies against the FIP-causing coronavirus or a higher Globulingehalt can be detected in the blood of the cat via a blood sample -. Both also evidence of infection with the severe disease

Treatment for FIP: no therapy available


The diagnosis promises for the affected cat no good, because so far no treatment for this infection is known. Stand firm the FIP diagnosis can be assumed that the disease will result in the course of a few weeks to death. In order to spare the affected animal unnecessary suffering, should be considered in this case about euthanasia.

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