Cats HCM disease. diagnosis and treatment

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The sooner the cat scratch disease HCM is diagnosed, the better. Without drug treatment they worsen and may eventually lead to sudden cardiac death. If the veterinarian’s diagnosis early, however, the animal can still live a long and happy life.

Cats HCM disease: diagnosis and treatment
Cats HCM disease: The diagnosis, the veterinarian.

The first suspicion of the disease HCM cats usually speaks from the anxious cat owners. Either he is aware of a family history of his four-legged friend, or he has observed in his unusual symptoms such as panting after playing. A trip to the vet is now to provide certainty.

HCM in cats: So, the vet diagnosis

If you want to examine your cat on a heart disease, you should first consult your veterinary practice, whether there is the necessary equipment available. This is not the case, the veterinarian will refer you to an appropriate practice or animal hospital.

There, the animal is first tapped. If the vet abnormalities such as a rapid heart rate or a rattle in the lungs determines the suspected HCM tightened. X-rays and ultrasound scans are now changes in the organs (typical of the disease is an enlarged heart muscle) and possible water deposits show. In addition, the blood pressure can be measured, tested the blood values ​​and an ECG should be made.

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Treatment of dangerous heart disease

An important step in the treatment helps the cat owner himself by his cat can investigate on suspicion of the Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy as soon as possible by a specialist. The dangerous to cat scratch disease is namely, that it is usually not discovered until very late.

The life of a cat with HCM should be made as stress free as possible. Great efforts are poison for the four-legged, just like obesity. A quiet, cozy environment with a healthy, low fat diet cats is therefore along with the medical treatment by a veterinarian is the best way to HCM despite allowing the cardiac patient a long, beautiful life.