Cats. Tips for good defenses

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Also good for cats defenses are important. The immune system can be mainly about the diet strengthen, but also with homeopathic remedies. With these tips and tricks to help your feline friend.

Cats: Tips for good defenses
The diet plays an important role in the defense forces of the cat.

In order for the body of your cat can resist as much as possible by themselves against diseases, good defenses are important. Environmental factors such as stress, lack of exercise or about drugs not only make us human health, but also in cats. With a strong immune system, many factors play a role.

diet for good defenses

An important basis is healthy and balanced cat food with which to record the velvet paws all the essential nutrients. Especially important for a healthy diet for cats is meat. This get the animals proteins and fats they need for a good immune system. An anti-oxidant is particularly important: vitamin E and C as well as taurine and lutein protect the body’s cells together and strengthen the immune system.

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Cats: More Tips for immunity

Apart from the food, the immune system can be improved by other means. One popular method is homeopathy. Here, the cats get either prophylactically over a longer period or certain acute homeopathic remedies administered, strengthen the immune system. These include Echinacea, the coneflower, or the resin produced by bees propolis. But also classic honey and the jungle cat’s claw plant have a positive effect on the immune system.