Cats with asthma. diagnosis and treatment

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Cats with asthma suffer from dyspnea, cough and shortness of breath. A treatment by a veterinarian is an urgent need to improve their quality of life. First, it applies but to provide a definite diagnosis.

Cats with asthma: diagnosis and treatment
In cats with asthma are thoroughly examined by a vet.

Cats with asthma have symptoms that could indicate to many other diseases. For a definite diagnosis, excluding other dangerous diseases such as pneumonia or bronchitis, the veterinarian must therefore carry out various investigations.

Cats with asthma: So the diagnosis is made

In a suspected asthma veterinary first listens to the lungs of the animal, because in many diseased animals can be heard as a crackling lung sounds. A pulmonary function test is intended to provide certainty about the breathing and lung volume of the quadruped and X-rays will show whether there are suspicious modifications to the lung can be seen.

Also, studies of lung fluid for bacteria, blood and allergy tests, ultrasound scans and check for parasites can come to your house cat.

Treatment of asthmatic cats

The treatment of cats with asthma should cause as little fuss as possible to the animal. It is particularly sensitive to stress and even during an acute asthma attack, its symptoms can worsen.

Normally, the four-legged patients administered by the vet called bronchodilators that expand the bronchial tubes and allow the cat to breathe freely again. These are available in tablet form and for inhalation. Also medications such as cortisone, inhibit inflammation and alleviate allergic reactions, are frequently administered.

If the asthma triggered by an allergy, its causes could be found, the medication is focused on these substances, for example, a pollen allergy in the spring. If the animal has an acute asthma attack and respiratory distress, she is the vet administer oxygen.

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