Cats with Constipation. Possible causes

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Cats with Constipation: Possible causes – Allcatsnames

Cat with constipation usually suffer from severe pain. The unpleasant symptoms can have different causes:. Improper diet or dehydration are common triggers

Cats with Constipation: Possible causes
The causes of constipation are common in the diet.

If the house cat faeces can no longer settle properly, one speaks of cats with constipation. The cause of this suffering can be of different nature. A common reason for the digestive problem is a poor diet. If your cat receives too little dietary fiber, which can cause constipation.

Cats with Constipation: nutritional problems

But the conversion of the feed may be a cause of the medical problem. Can withstand your cat not a new brand or variety, which can also lead to hardening of the feces. Drinking Lazy cats also suffer often including, for the dehydrogenation also brings problems Kotabsetzen with it.

Other possible causes

Cats with constipation have also sometimes owe their complaints damage other organs, such as renal failure or acute bowel problems. In some cases, the digestive tract of the room Tigers is clogged with foreign matter. Also hairballs can accumulate there and complicate the Kotabsetzen. In the worst case, your cat’s constipation is a more serious, underlying medical problem – such as a tumor or a broken pelvis.

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However, it can also be caused by psychological factors. Does not accept the cat as after moving house, or another change their litter box or not, which can cause problems during bowel movements because they feel inhibited to use the loo.