Cats with gingivitis. treatment

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If cats suffer from gum disease, treatment consists of several steps: In a thorough investigation, the extent of the inflammation can be detected before it is fought and prevented a new inflammation .

Cats with gingivitis: treatment
The treatment of gum ignition occurs in cats to the vet.

In the veterinary examination, it is first find out how much the inflammation is, whether it has already drawn complications with it, or is chronic. The severity of any consequential damages, thereby threatening diseases must be identified and eliminated before it goes to the treatment.

Cats with gingivitis at the vet

In examining the cat’s teeth are checked for tartar. Eventually it becomes necessary to examine the cats in a smear on viruses. In advanced disease is then detected with an X-ray image, whether and to what extent the jawbone is already under attack.

If the cat has tartar, made a professional dental cleaning, dental stone is because the bacteria that cause the inflammation, fertile soil. So the animal gets anesthesia, teeth are cleaned and polished to eventually end, so not so fast may lay down new plaque and tartar so. Any loose teeth need to be pulled.

Treatment of inflammation and prevention

In order to treat the inflammation of the gums, anti-inflammatory agents are often added antibiotics. A homeopathic treatment is sometimes suggested.

Cats with gingivitis: treatment
The treatment of gum ignition occurs in cats to the vet.

If the inflammation is over, it is then to prevent new diseases, so the problem in any case is chronic. Dental Hygiene is now an important item on the program, refer to special food, special snacks and brushing contribute. The best thing of gum disease, a common disease in cats, prevent from the outset. Brushing, special dry food and regular visits to the vet help.