Causes of balance problems in cats

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balance problems in cats can have several causes. Whether the trigger inflammation, fractures or diseased organs are: A quick treatment is important .

Causes of balance problems in cats
Many things can lead to balance problems in cats.

If you recognize symptoms of balance problems in cats, you are looking for as quickly as possible to a veterinarian to have to clarify the causes and treatment instituted. Behind it can put serious illnesses.

Possible causes of interference

Healthy velvet paws have an excellent sense of balance, which is called the vestibular apparatus, which works like a bubble level. The liquid contained therein, including crystals supply the brain with information about position to the ground. If it is disturbed, this resulting in balance problems in cats.

The reason for this could be an inner ear infection, which is very late visible from the outside. But even internal organs can interfere with the vestibular apparatus, such as a kidney disease. The case released toxins penetrate into the brain and disturb the equilibrium center.

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balance problems in cats: Fractions and Co


It however is not necessarily affected the vestibular apparatus. Even fractures in cats cause the pets lose, hobble and stagger the balance. Especially with older facilities tigers can also be weakened muscles of the legs, which makes it difficult to just running.

In addition, the eyes also come as cause for equilibrium problems in cats into consideration. Can visual acuity in age to or is an eye injury before, the transition can also be staggering, and your house cat avoids greater heights. Your veterinarian can tell you the exact cause sure.