Chartreuse cat (Cartesian or French blue)

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Chartreuse cat (Cartesian or French blue)

French charm and beauty are the main features of this breed, shorthair fairly large and representative yarkoglazaya cat world.

The history of the breed

chartreuse (cartesian or french blue) The first mention of French blue cats found in the 16th century. It is believed that they are descended from Syrian cats imported to Europe during the Crusades. Syrian cats were described in the 16th century as an undersized, with silky ash-gray wool and copper-red eyes.
Name chartreuse probably appeared in the 17th century. By the early 18th century chartreuse was the common name blue cats in professional dictionaries and encyclopedias. Linnaeus and Buffon naturalists gave cats chartreuse Latin name Felis catus coeruleus or “blue cat”, to distinguish it from the domestic cat (Felis catus domesticus).
We know that in Paris and isolated regions of France until the early 20th century, there were natural colonies of these cats, although they were never too many. This cat was also called “cat commoners.” The lives of these beautiful animals can not be called easy, since primarily their prized for their skins and meat, as well as their ability to catching rats.
The population of these cats was severely damaged during World War II. And then, up until World War II, where they met little chartreuse. After World War 1 French breeders decided to start preserving this ancient breed. While a large colony of cats was on the island of Belle Le. The first breeders established a breed standard, based on the descriptions of the naturalists of the 18th century. From the outset, for breeding use only those cats that all parameters meet the breed standard. Cats breed Chartreux, which appeared as a result of this program, began exhibiting at the European show since 1928.
chartreuse (cartesian or french blue) By the end of the Second World War in France remained colonies blue cats, and has since purchased this animal could only breeders. Until now, chartreuse relatively rare even in France. This breed is known in many countries, including the UK. In the US, the cat breed Chartreux were first introduced to the 70s of the 20th century. Since then, the United States sought the cleanest lines of this breed.
Breeders United States and France were able to preserve the breed unchanged during all these years. Cats who participated in the first show in the 30s, could successfully perform and modern championships, thanks to the untiring efforts of breeders who have dedicated themselves to the preservation of this rare breed.
Many Frenchmen of the time considered it an honor to have a pedigree Chartreux. General Charles de Gaulle was the owner and a big fan of these cats. Also famous writer Colette. Book Colette “Cat” is dedicated Sakha, a writer belonging to breed cats chartreuse.

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Chartreuse is neither too sociable or too shy. They are comfortable with the world, and would prefer to be a bystander than a bold reformer. These cats are tolerant of strangers, small children and other animals. They will try to avoid conflict, not showing any aggression or fear. They can adapt to any situation, no matter what do not complain, well tolerated stay, do not mind if left alone for long.
It’s natural hunters, who instead prefer noisy fuss “catch and kill” the toy production. Even in the game they rationally consume power – wait very convenient moment, and then rush to mine lightning and accurate jump. They are sudden bouts of activity when they begin play in the rest of the time they are sleeping or resting. They are loyal to their habits and day-to-day play in the same game.
Chartreuse passionately devoted to those they love. They should definitely be there to rub his head on the pet owner, to expose the cervix to her scratched. They will follow you to move back, to comfort you in times of sadness, cure during the illness. They prefer to sleep next to you, and can lie down and right at you. Their cheering presence could be a boon for older people and for those who spends his days in solitude. In addition, their devotion unobtrusive. They do not require the attention and agree to sit quietly while you are busy. Good behavior is embedded in them at the genetic level. They appreciate the friendly attitude to yourself and remember it. Chartreuse is very susceptible to both promote, and to blame, although sometimes too quick to react to them. Be patient and forgiving all these wonderful cats.

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Breed Standard

chartreuse (cartesian or french blue) Head: Broad, rounded, but not spherical, but rather a form of an inverted trapezoid. The skull is not convex, slightly rounded, with a narrow and flat space between the ears. Cheeks full and round, low, particularly developed in the males. The nose is straight, wide, not raised up. Very smooth transition from forehead to muzzle. Desirably, he completely absent. The muzzle is narrow relative to the head, but not pointed. A pronounced shift from the cheekbones to muzzle a cat gives a characteristic appearance of a smile. Jaws powerful, especially in males, since two years of age.
Ears: Sizes from small to medium. Highly placed. Straight, rounded at the ends. Narrow at the base. Eyes wide, rounded, with a slightly raised outer corner. Their color from bright yellow to intense copper. There should be no shades of green or faded colors.
Neck: Short, strong, dense.
Torso: Powerful, massive, especially in males. The shoulders are broad, deep chest. Straight back. Strong bones, strong muscles.
Legs: Straight, medium length, closer to short. Strong and muscular. The feet are small, round, wide.
Tail: Medium length, broad at the base, gradually tapering, rounded tip.
Hair: Short. Fur shiny, dense, smooth, like an otter, which prevents the penetration of water. Slightly elevated because of the thick and slightly fluffy undercoat.
Color: All shades of blue, from light to dark gray. Light gray is preferable. Most important is the uniform color. Nose gray-blue, gray paw pads pink. Bluish skin. Kittens are born with tabby markings, which are gradually disappearing from the age of 6 months to a year. Orange eye color is established only upon reaching 3 months of age, they have little kittens, gray-blue.
Note: Valid crossing with other breeds: no.
Flaws: bent nose, a pronounced transition from forehead to muzzle. Wide, heavy muzzle. Almond-shaped eyes, too closely spaced, green or dull, faded. Coat: white hairs, shade, seeming spots tiping. Brown or red tint


chartreuse (cartesian or french blue) Chartreux cat balanced, calm, independent, with a strong character. Myauchit little. Restrained in expressing their feelings, loving solitude, they are very attached to his master.


Chartreux not very picky on the part of the food, but sometimes a change of diet or junk food can affect their health. Some breeders Chartreux kittens transferred to adult food at the age of 5-6 months, as food for kittens Premium contain too many nutrients. Chartreuse older should be given easy to feed, to avoid problems with excess weight.
Some cats breed chartreuse small and closely spaced cutters. Perhaps they need to remove when growing permanent teeth begin to push them. Also with poor oral health in cats may start gingivitis. It is advisable to periodically drive a chartreuse to the vet to check and clean the teeth.

chartreuse (cartesian or french blue) Short thick coat requires little maintenance. During shedding more dead hair combed out, so they are not stuck to your clothes and furniture. If you need to bathe your chartreuse, keep in mind that it takes some time to make his hair completely wet. Wool repels water due to its density and texture.
Like the Maine Coon, chartreuse very massive. Males are usually much larger than females and reach sexual maturity slowly. Females usually reach full weight to three years and can weigh from 3 to 4.5 kg. Males reach a weight of 5.5 to 4 years – 7 kg. In sexually mature age, the body and the head of the male heard in breadth, jaws develop, and hair becomes thick and fluffy. Appearance chartreuse deceptive. Male chartreuse because of the short legs, solid build and short hair seems smaller than other breeds of cats, but try to pick him up and you’ll be surprised at its weight.

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