Cholestasis in Cat

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Cholestasis in Cat

The disease is called cholestasis, often manifested in cats. The appearance of acute stasis is the result of condensation or aggregation of bile.

Such a breach in the body leads to obstructive jaundice. Cholestasis may occur due to compression of the abdominal structures, as tumors and abscesses. Also, the disease may be due to the strain associated with fibrotic scarring or granulation tissue.
Cats infected with cholestasis sluggish and dull experience not localize the pain and suffering from anorexia. Depending on the stage at which the obstruction develops hepatitis. There may also be steatorreya caused by malabsorption of fat.

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Diagnosis of cholestasis in cats and cats

With the help of biochemical tests revealed hypercholesterolemia and hyperbilirubinemia. Also found to have elevated levels of alanine aminotransferase and serum alkaline phosphatase. Biopsy of the liver, in cholestasis detected deposition of bile salts. Thus liver cells may not be subject to external changes.

Treatment of cholestasis in cats and cats

It is also used in the diagnosis of X-rays by means of which may be identified in the undesirable formation of the abdominal cavity. However, to identify the causes of obstruction often need to perform a laparotomy, as a special test for the diagnosis of this not. Stones found in the bile duct, consist of sodium and potassium salts and cholesterol. Complete blockage of the bile duct can lead to peritonitis and perforation of the duct.
Serious dilution of the gallbladder and bile clot detection, or, less commonly, the stones in the bile duct – it all belongs to the pathological features of cholestasis. Can also be identified abscesses, granulomas adjacent tissues and neoplasia. Cats have the same appearance of cholestasis may be caused by pancreatitis.