Cirrhosis of the liver in cats and cats

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Cirrhosis of the liver in cats and cats

Is called cirrhosis of liver disease characterized by replacement of connective tissue (fibrosis), disturbance of normal liver structuring and due to the development of liver failure.

Most people have the disease caused by the abuse of alcoholic beverages, but it is not the only possible cause of cirrhosis. Disease of cats previously called cirrhosis differs slightly symptomatic and rather a combination of the degenerative changes and nodular regeneration combined with fibrosis.

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In veterinary medicine, there are several types of liver cirrhosis based on its localization and pathogenesis. Thus, cardiac cirrhosis is part tsentrilobulyarnogo necrosis, and arises as a consequence of heart failure in the chronic form, biliardny cirrhosis occurs when disorders of the bile duct, and portal cirrhosis – a disease manifested by fibrotic changes centered on the portal triads.

Most often, these violations are found in cats and cats. Common symptoms are also often accompanied by hepatitis, ascites and despondency. Basically striking feature of the disease is a stomach ulcer. In this disease, radiographs are not very useful in diagnosis as well as liver deformed. For inspection and detection of fibrosis and inflammatory liver biopsy is used.

To measure the level of serum alkaline phosphatase necessary biochemical analysis. However, it may happen that the number of alanine aminotransferase is in the normal range, and the rate of clearance bromsulfaleina will be reduced.

Also, the condition of the liver is found out by laparotomy. Liver cirrhosis alters its normal color, noticeably deformed, reduced in size, as well as a consequence of fibrosis and nodular hepatocyte regeneration may be tuberosity. Also, for the detection of replacement by fibrous tissue hyperplasia, mild chronic inflammation and hyperplasia of bile duct resort to histopathological examination.