Cleaning the ears of cats. These tricks will help

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The ears of cats is a delicate matter to which your house cat usually takes care of itself. However, it may be necessary for various reasons, your cat in consultation with the veterinarian here to help. This includes the care of elderly or sick animals as well as the thorough treatment by an infestation of ear mites in cats.

Cleaning the ears of cats: These tricks will help
ears of cats: Here sensitivity is called for.

If you want to clean the ears of your cat, you should proceed patiently and carefully. Some cats do not like to touch on the ears. Do not force it, and let it out rather help of your veterinarian as to jeopardize your relationship with your pet unnecessarily. It is best to accustom the cat from a young mind to seek contacts in the facial area please be patient. Before you clean the ears of your cat, you should also check with their veterinarian whether treatment with or without special ear cleaner is better. He can also show you the proper technique.

Clean ears of cats – is that without ear cleaner


If you want to use any ear cleaner, you should under no circumstances use sharp objects or cotton swab to clean. They could thus penetrate deep into the ear canal, or injure the animal during sudden movements. In addition, any contamination could it get deeper into the ear. Take instead a soft cotton or tissue to help and wipe the ears of the cat gently from the inside out with short, gentle movements. The cloth can be dampened with lukewarm water, but should not be too wet, so that the animal does not fill in the ear canal.

Ragdoll Cat: Gentle giant with blue eyes Cleaning the ears of cats: These tricks will help

cat ears with ear cleaner to clean

If you want to use a special ear cleaner, you can purchase from your veterinarian, in stores or via the Online store. Drizzle a little of the not too cold liquid on a clean cloth and rub them with the same careful wiping technique in the ear of a cat. Beware that it does not shake his head and the fluid out of the ear. If no exposure is recommended, you can clean the ear cleaner with a handkerchief. Make sure that both types of treatment for a quiet environment and talk to the cat well, if she is excited. You can also get a second person to help, which holds the cat gently.

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