Colds in cats. Symptoms

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Cats also remain sometimes not spared from a common cold in the wind, weather and drafts. Whether it has caught your pets and you can find at various symptoms.

Colds in cats: Symptoms
erkältete cats appear tired and exhausted.

The symptoms of a cold in cats can come slowly and insidiously, but also very suddenly appear and vary in strength. It is important that you always keep a watchful eye on your pets and to have to recognize and treat any illness quickly.

Typical cold symptoms

coughs, colds and sore throats: Traditional cold symptoms manifested in cats, in principle, similar to humans. For one, they constantly have watery eyes, from which tears typical roads stretch across the face. The nose diseased animals is remarkably wet and also runs, while the velvet paws constantly sneezing must. In addition, owners make colds cats often find that the breathing of their pets sounds noisier than usual. Coughing can occur in cats that have caught a cold.

General condition of the cat

Many cats tend to let on very little, if it is not doing well. Therefore you should be very attentive to even small changes in your cat’s behavior. A cat caught a cold often seems tired and exhausted. She is sleeping more than usual and can be hardly any “persuaded” to play. It may be that she eats less or even not at all the cat food touches.

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Right limp the dogs usually act if can make it a fever. In this case, her nose and her ears are remarkably warm. What can you do if your cat shows symptoms of cold and when you should consult with your vet, read here: