Courtesan cat

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Courtesan cat

It seems that the cats of this breed to create advanced sculptor – flexible muscular body like a graceful statue. Cats are slightly smaller, more elegant and equally charming. However, the size of some cats will cause envy and cats. The coat with undercoat, thick and soft as fleece lamb makes cats even bigger.

The history of the origin of the breed Courtesan cats.

courtesan cat Type: Cobby (strong constitution, round head with wide-set ears).
The first mention: XVII century.
Homeland: Central Asia, Syria, Iran and Anatolia.
The official registration of the breed: 1871.
beloved pet of Charles de Gaulle. Of particular interest of this breed is that it began its formation without human intervention (one of the so-called natural breeds). In other words, its birth as a single genus, Cartesian cats do not owe us, people, and nature itself. After all, she spotted the preconditions for the emergence of these proud animals with characteristic light blue wool and therefore prepared a fertile ground for their occurrence.
courtesan cat However, without the active participation of the human, of course, too, has not done. It is we, so to speak, this polished nugget, giving him the opportunity sparkled all accessible faces.
It all began in simple French Carthusian monastery where the monks lived Carthusian order (immediately struck by the connection with the name of the future of the breed). They that have done firmly whipped silvery gray cats popular and widespread inhabitants of the country first, and later the neighboring England. Incidentally, an interesting fact: the hill, not far from Chartres, still called the “Mountain of gray cats” and, most importantly, it is to this day, is populated by the descendants of those long-extinct cats who so loved the monks. This place is considered as bright sight Savoie.
But back to the story, of course, the British also wanted to excel and grow from animals brought there kittens with coat color, close to the blue rather than gray. Later, the representatives of these two branches drove each other, as well as to avoid extinction (after World War II) – Persian cats. Therefore, little rock lost its original purity, but thankfully remained the same recognizable and beautiful.
Carthusians were so popular that awarded a mention in the book of the French naturalist Georges-Louis Buffon, where he published some tips on care and maintenance of this breed. Paradoxically, the object of purposeful breeding of these animals began only in the XIX century. Now the breed is highly valued and extremely loved by connoisseurs as well as people who are not associated with the breeding of cats.

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The breed standard Courtesan cats.

courtesan cat Cartesian cats are among the whipped hard, strong animals with a stocky build. Compared with cats, cats are more graceful and slightly inferior in size. Despite the above-described characteristics, the representatives of this breed do not look overweight. They are proud owners of thick wool with rich undercoat characteristic gray-blue color with shimmering in the sunlight (which is why the breed enjoys special love). Build varies from large to medium. Thorax broad, impressive backbone. The tail is not long, often sedentary. Legs muscular, of medium length in relation to the body. The head is rounded shape with a strong jaw, wide-set ears surmounted, medium size. Profile is fairly flat, nose and chin strongly advocate not being on the same line. Cheeks wide, this immediately draw attention to themselves (they stand out especially in males). Eyes round, expressive, like the ears are located from each other at a distance slightly greater than the average. Iris color varies from light to dark shades of brown.

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Character Kartezanskoy breed cats.

They value their independence. This is, perhaps, the brightest feature of both cats in general, and in particular the Cartesians. Therefore, like their brethren, they do not like being forced to do something (for holding paws, closed in a room for too long stroking, etc.). It is unlikely, of course, so Carthusian leave deep wounds that have stitches, but without a pair of three-scratching man just will not stay. Although still love to independence is not a fundamental feature of this breed. Where to justice for their definition of balanced and sociable cats (unless, of course, no one is forcing them to “communicate”). And the love of animals is evident not only in relation to other cats, but also to humans. Strangers are not shy, but not in a hurry to go on contact. Like any living thing, it is important to at least a little closer look at a new friend, get used to it, and then you can climb up to her knees and, yes growl of pleasure, because scratching behind the ear. But with all this people should not deceive ourselves: Carthusians, even the most interesting and affectionate person, always prefer another cat. And condemn them for it in any case impossible. On the contrary, more often is better to give them the freedom to choose, and only they who will understand their desires.
The representatives of this species grow quite long. Kittens love to frolic, particular preference is given to games with each other, can be run with the same keen for own tail or brother or little sister. By virtue of sociability, they are not aggressive, yet do not avoid conflicts.

Care Kartezanskoy breed cats.

courtesan cat Because of its origin, the Cartesians in the majority do not require constant care from the owner and does not make him worry over nothing. As a breed, which, in fact, formed without human intervention, they differ enviable health. Enough standard of care to keep them in a lush, healthy and active. And that applies to the standard measures? For example: an old wool combing during molting periodically held water treatments and, of course, receive timely vaccinations.
While still and Cartesians have their weaknesses. Namely: the teeth. They need to be regularly checked for the appearance of tartar, as well as ensure that the cat was as varied as possible diet to an animal received all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Color Kartezanskoy breed cats

courtesan cat Because of the lack of experience of many fans, seeing a cat with a gray color, in a hurry to carry her to such species as the Russian Blue, Korat or Cartesian. However, it is better to get accustomed to the error immediately became apparent. Fortunately from other species, Carthusians are not only coat color. There are a number of other features that distinguish these cats: golden eye color, thin voice (as in cats and in cats, although with some differences in timbre), as well as a special form of the lips due to which it seems as if the animal is smiling.
Let’s go back directly to the color: if other breeds blue – this is one of the acceptable colors, with respect to the Cartesian breed becomes the only acceptable. And, despite the fact that it allows any shades (that agree, expands the boundaries of diversity and promotes the appearance of cats) excluded any inhomogeneity. Spots, stripes, individual hairs of other colors, etc. unacceptable when there is a speech about the purity of the breed. But such rigor is appropriate in relation to cats after a second or even third molt. Kittens same wool of different colors are allowed, with the proviso that to age one, it will have a uniform blue color.

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