Dandruff in cats. Possible causes

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dandruff in cats can have several causes that should be investigated by a veterinarian in any case. Even if many triggers are harmless, it is namely, the Samtpfote as soon as possible to a beautiful, healthy coat dress to help.

Dandruff in cats: Possible causes
A healthy cat fur is dense, shiny and dandruff free.

Basically, all changes in the skin and fur of the cat to be taken seriously, because the fur says a lot about the health and well-being of our neat house cat. So may indicate that a change in diet or a change in the indoor environment should take place dandruff in cats, for example.

Common causes of dandruff in cats

If you discover shed in otherwise healthy and shiny fur of your cat, which can have a very simple reason, namely that your pet just is moulting and at this time particularly stressed metabolism some time needs to be stabilizing again. In this case the problem is temporary. Another possible cause would be dry skin. An obvious that, for example, in winter, when a lot is heated and the air is dry – the heated air makes the room tigers then create just as us humans, and shows, for example, by dandruff in the coat.

Another possible cause is the wrong food. Cat food with poor quality can lead to nutrient deficiency in the cat, and in turn to metabolic problems. Food intolerances or food allergies are also a common cause of dandruff in cats and other skin problems.

Diseases and parasites as causes

A fungal infection in cats is often associated with scaly skin and is usually accompanied by bald patches in the skin as a result of patchy hair loss, itching and dull coat. Caution: skin fungus in cats is very contagious, depending on the type sometimes for people.

High quality cat food: What does it matter? Dandruff in cats: Possible causes

A common and particularly troublesome cause of dandruff in cats is a parasitic infestation by fleas or mites. Chronic skin diseases, allergies and metabolic diseases such as diabetes in cats should also be excluded absolutely from the vet.