Defenestration in cats. Immediately bring to the vet

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Defenestration in cats: Immediately bring to the vet – Allcatsnames

window sills and balustrades are among the haunts of cats. From there also assessed cozy house cat can watch the action outside attention. But the favorite place poses risks: The consequences of a window lintel are often underestimated. Read here what you should do after a lintel and how to prevent this accident.

Defenestration in cats: Immediately bring to the vet
defenestration in cats: Immediately remove to the vet.

Defenestration: Many causes serious consequences

Cats fall for various reasons out the window. A loud noise, which can lose balance the puss, or a closely past flying bird can cause, for example, a momentous defenestration. If it has come to see most cat owners immediately after their feline friend and are relieved when the animal has to fall supposedly easily put away. Although cats have the reflex to turn in the air so that they come first on the floor with your feet, but a fall from a height or onto a hard surface can still have serious consequences.

Have always examine your cat for a lintel therefore in a veterinary practice. Not only external injuries should be treated, especially going from internal injuries from dangers. A radiograph can provide information about bone fractures or injuries to internal organs and should therefore always be part of the investigation. Even if your house cat has no or only mild symptoms, the first way to the vet should perform. Also late, initially did not recognize the consequences of accidents can be devastating and affect the cat strong.

A Window fall prevention: How to reduce the risk of accidents

Also, ever fallen cat will not want to miss their favorite spot by the window. Therefore, make sure myself from it and install a tear-resistant net that prevents falling out. If for any reason no networks may display, you always send your pet out of the room, if you ventilate and lock the door.