Dental care is also important for cats

Gingivitis in cats. Symptoms

Dental care is also important for cats – Allcatsnames

Dental care for cats alone is important because about 70 percent of the puss that are older than three years, eventually suffer from tartar. At best, you therefore place from the start value to the dental cleanliness for your feline friend.

Dental care is also important for cats
For good dental care also includes regular visits to the vet.

An adult cat has 30 teeth. Because dental problems such as tartar and gingivitis are a frequent reason why cat owners with their pets to the veterinarian must, you should keep the biters your house cat clean and healthy with dental care.

How are dental problems in cats?

If food residue left on or between the teeth, attracts the bacteria that cause dental problems in turn. Especially if the cat has closely positioned teeth or they, like most cats, little drinking water, promotes the fact that the teeth of the cat itself never be clean properly.

Also, the pure gift of wet food promotes dental problems, although it is generally healthier than dry food. The cat has less to chew on it and by the lack of softer consistency wear on the teeth. Inflammation and Back formations of the gums may be among the consequences.

Dental Care for Your Cat: How to

For the prevention of dental problems there for a special cat toothpaste that you can carefully apply with the fingers for cleaning teeth and gums. Condition for this is that your four-legged friends, the procedure can be brave like. Best of all, they used to have her baby kitten mind to put up with touches of teeth and gums.

Will it do not work, you Stubentiger must do the work yourself: Get your vet or pet shops in the special food with dental care effect. Coarse, sugar-free dried fodder, or teeth cleaning treats for example, provide more wear on the teeth when they bite the cat. Also special pastes that you can give about the food, vet has her safely on stock.

Dental care is also important for cats
For good dental care also includes regular visits to the vet.

If your cat is already suffering under tartar or other dental problems, helps the veterinarian. He removed the tartar under anesthesia and thus prevents sequelae before you provide the dental care that the problem does not come back.