Devon Rex

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Devon Rex

Devon Rex are one of the most unusual cats. An interesting feature of these beauties, their big ears, it’s like a baby elephant Jumbo, or Elf. This breed is very poorly distributed. So few people can tell something about them, but those who had the opportunity to see them at least once. Already without stopping willing to talk about these wonderful creatures.


devon rex The first Devon Rex was found in 1960 in the county of Devonshire (England) near an abandoned tin mine in the wild litter of kittens. Initially it was thought that the breed has a kinship with the Cornish Rex, but this hypothesis was refuted by means of experimental mating. The first Devon Rex – the cat calmly walked, nobody davayas in hand, accompanied by a charming cat, presumably his daughter or other close relative. Gone far beyond the cat – is unknown, but his companion caught, and after some time it has awarded its new owner litter of kittens, one of whom was the only kitten with black wavy fur. Kitty called “Kyrle” – that is, “Curly.” Kyrle was first registered Devon, and from him are his bloodlines all Devon Rex. His landlady, Miss Cox, versed in except devon rex Denia cats, decided that a new representative is already known then breed with curly hair – Cornish Rex.
But the first attempt to cross Kyrle with a cat of this breed have failed: all the kittens were the usual straight hair. It became clear wavy coat Kyrle – the result of a new recessive mutation is not found in other breeds. Miss Cox, and then her followers began to deduce a new breed by crossing Kyrle with his mother and daughter of different cats. I must say that not only differed Kyrle wavy hair. It has laid the hallmark of the breed, enhanced and fixed followed by selection: a special type of head with low-set unusually large ears, a broad flat head with prominent cheekbones, expressive big eyes, proportional, compact body.

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Devon rex differs curly, soft, short hair, similar to the fur of cats Cornish devon rex Rex.
Curls wool at Devon Rex caused by a mutation of another gene, rather than at the Cornish Rex, and therefore mating Devon Rex with other “curly” breeds kittens obtained without wool curls.
Cats of this breed is often called elves or aliens because of their irregular appearance. Unusually large ears set low on the edges of a wide flat head, big eyes, noses slightly bent upwards. Torso of medium size, elegantly folded. Unlike other cats have very short and strongly curled tendrils, which is why it may seem that they have antennae existent. Long and strong legs, small and round pads – thanks to this can make long and high jumps.
Wool Devon Rex different small number t. N. guard hairs. Animals of this breed is less likely to cause allergies.

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devon rex Devon Rex breed is very complicated, as its representatives have no inherent nature of cats. It may seem strange, but these cats do not have virtually any feline manners, most in their behavior, they resemble a cross between a bulldog breed dog and monkey. Bulldog they resemble the purely external data, namely the structure of the thorax, which is quite broad in relation to the rest of the body.
In addition, their muzzle has a pretty big activity. Unlike many other cats available change her facial expression that looks very unusual and strange. In addition, they took from monkeys to imitate the manner of human habits so, for example, watching how the man opens the door, picking up his pen, Devon Rex cat can fully replicate its movement, so the door and locks it is not a barrier.


devon rex Births cats pass easily. In the litter is usually not more than 3-4 kittens. Kittens eyes open very early – 4-5 days, but sometimes even before – for 2-3 minutes. Already month old Devon has its own distinctive look, reminiscent of a small fairy elfika. But the development of curly hair has its own characteristics in Devons. They are born with short wavy hair, but with two months of age gradually straighten curls, hair begins to thin and aged from three to six months kitten very vaguely reminiscent of a cat breed Rex: body covered with short fuzz, and only at the hips, tail, legs may persist wave reminiscent of the past (and future) curls. Adult coat appears somewhere in the 6-7 months, but its formation occurs prior year. Only this time, Devon gets a real, finished look.

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