Diagnosis and treatment of cats with tongs

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Diagnosis and treatment of cats with tongs – Allcatsnames

Cat with lice should be treated as soon as possible, because the small, crawling parasites are very unpleasant for the animals. So if you have a suspicion of the parasite infestation, you should not hesitate to consult a veterinarian.

Diagnosis and treatment of cats with tongs
Are there really hair lice? The vet find out.

This is your pet initially investigate thoroughly to find out where the itching and eventual hair loss come in your cat. Often you can see the animals crawling even recognize the coat.

Diagnosis: Has the cat hair lice


A cat with tongs often has a shaggy coat, which may also have large bald spots in advanced parasitic infestation. When the little pests have already been spreading in the fur of your cat-names”>cat, it may be that one can see you even have to crawl in it. To make sure that they are lice in the lice, the vet then takes the parasites under the microscope under the microscope before he starts treatment.

The treatment of cats with tongs

Now it is time to banish the parasites not only from cat fur, but they also permanently get rid of. For your veterinarian first a spot-on, a shampoo, a powder or a spray is applied that matches the age, health, and your cat’s stature and that kills the lice and their eggs in the fur. Maybe he gives you another means for a post-treatment at home.

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There it is then important that you treat the environment of the feline friend. You should clean blankets, beds and toys of Stubentiger thoroughly and possibly treat in consultation with the veterinarian with a special spray. The most important thing is that you also treat the skin of your other pets, because otherwise, the pests that can survive outside of the fur of your cat for a few days, always settle with you.