Diagnosis. Cats with hyperthyroidism

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Cats with hyperthyroidism often suffer from a tumor that affects the hormones. For a definite diagnosis of the disease in addition to the symptoms above all blood tests are crucial.

Diagnosis: Cats with hyperthyroidism
cats with hyperthyroidism: The diagnosis, the veterinarian.

A first suspicion of hyperthyroidism in cats provide the characteristic symptoms of animal disease: purpose, inter alia, include increased appetite with simultaneous weight loss. For a definite diagnosis should be examined by a veterinarian for your cat suspected hyperthyroidism as soon as possible.

Hyperthyroidism: Symptoms describe

Before a veterinarian carries out further investigations, it will scan the neck of your cat and ask you about your cat’s symptoms of hyperthyroidism. Can neck thickening find the doctor diagnosed a good deal already comes closer: The suspicion of a node in thyroid tissue seems to be confirmed. Describe also clear signs in your cat’s behavior, the diagnosis is hyperthyroidism in your feline friend as well as secure.

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Unique diagnosis by blood test

To be on the safe side and to determine the progress of the disease, the veterinarian will perform a blood test. On the basis of the values ​​obtained for the thyroid hormones thyroxine and Trithyronin, can the severity of hyperthyroidism read. However, it is possible that the blood values ​​still lie within the normal range, although there is a disease. Based on ultrasound examination can check whether a node has formed in the thyroid tissue.

If the findings in each case is not unique, it is first to be seen how develop the values: Keep in this case the behavior of your feline friend in the eye and you will regularly make representations to the vet to have them check the values. After all, the earlier the diagnosis is clear, the better are the chances for successful treatment of hyperthyroidism in cats.