Diarrhea in cats. So you can stop it

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Diarrhea in cats: So you can stop it – Allcatsnames

Diarrhea in Cats must not be life-threatening. Your cat suffers from mild diarrhea, you can try to stop the symptoms themselves. However, if there is no improvement, it is important to consider the veterinarian for assistance.

Diarrhea in cats: So you can stop it
diarrhea in cats can you stop with diet and drink plenty of fluids.

In most cases, diarrhea in cats occurs as a symptom of a disease or an intolerance to. With special diets and drink plenty of fluids you can try to stop the diarrhea. A miracle home remedy for diarrhea in cats but there is no. Is a bacterial infection of the trigger, only the vet can treat the diarrhea with antibiotics.

Cause: exclusion diet with food allergies

Before you try to stop the diarrhea your cat, you need to identify the causes. Of these, the further treatment depends. A food allergy in cats that causes diarrhea, you can get at with an exclusion diet. It is best to hold first consulting with your veterinarian. Then you can make it to exclude various types of feed and feed ingredients to identify the trigger for intolerance or allergy.

Pet food without additives: organic food for cats Diarrhea in cats: So you can stop it

diarrhea in cats with diet stop

Even with soft foods instead of the usual food you can try to stop the diarrhea. It is important for the cats health in the preparation of foods that the food is spice free, contains no milk, is served in small portions at room temperature. Has proved, among other things cooked in water without salt chicken meat with rice or cottage cheese. With such self-prepared food intolerances and allergies can also easily identify that you have an overview of the additives.

fluid balance offset

By the diarrhea of ​​the cat’s body loses a lot of fluids and it will be vital salts and minerals removed from it, the so-called electrolytes. Permanent, adequate water supply is therefore of paramount importance. Severe diarrhea in cats cut off the animal body as much liquid that a supply of electrolytes is necessary. Here, the veterinarian may administer infusions or electrolyte-containing powder is stirred into the drinking water or the cat’s food.