Ear mites in cats. agents for the treatment

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Ear mites are very uncomfortable for cats. The small parasites cause severe itching and can cause inflammation and coordination difficulties. To avoid the pesky ear mites and to control them, various means are commercially available.

Ear mites in cats: agents for the treatment
symptoms of ear mites should be discussed with the vet.

If an ear mite infestation suspected to his cat, should be vigilant when it folded down symptoms such as head shaking, Slanted Place of the head, ears or frequent scratching observed in the ear region. A vet can give certainty about a possible disease and educate about the necessary treatment steps. Some cats have an increased risk of ear mite infestation. This includes stray, and free-roaming cats that were in contact with other infected animals. These animals can be with his vet as preparation or follow-up with different ear cleaners, which can be purchased commercially or Online store, treat after consultation. Some of these funds, we would like to present here.

agents to clean the ears of their cats

Ear mites in cats: agents for the treatment
Anibio ear care for dogs and cats

This care product contains no alcohol and is gentle on the ears of your dogs and cats. It can be used up to twice daily for cleaning and maintenance of the external auditory canal and the outer ear.

Ear mites in cats: agents for the treatment
Ballistol animal

“Ballistol” is a kind of universal care products for pets that is suitable not only for the ears cleaning, but also for wound treatment and the care of sensitive skin and paws. It relieves itching and is harmless to the animal even if inadvertently taken.

Ear mites in cats: agents for the treatment
Beaphar Ear Cleaner

This product enables with its soft pipette a particularly gentle and safe cleaning of the outer ear canal of your cat. The cleaner contains no alcohol and is suitable for dogs.

Ear mites in cats: agents for the treatment

A disinfectant, soothing and nourishing ear cleaner you acquire with the bogacare ear cleaner. It prevents ear problems and is also suitable for the care of sensitive and susceptible cats ears. The active ingredients of the cleaner are based on lady’s mantle and aluminum acetate.

Ear mites in cats: agents for the treatment

MilbenEx combat mites naturally. The Care Spray relieves the itching of the animal, cleans the skin and frees it from the pesky parasites, so that their house cat can feel comfortable quickly.

An even wider range of products for cats health can be found here.