Ear mites in cats. Symptoms and Treatment

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ear mites in cats usually solve a severe itching in the ears. One speaks in this parasitic infestation by Ear mite. Because ear mite infestation is very uncomfortable for the velvet paws and the parasites are transmitted quickly to other animals and even humans, you should consult soon as the first symptoms of a veterinarian for treatment your cat.

Ear mites in cats: Symptoms and Treatment
ear mites in cats: A case for the vet.

Especially often stray cats of ear mites are affected, but also release prisoners are attacked every now and then of the parasites that cause very severe itching in the ears. Then comes the cat from her forays back home, there is an increased risk that they will transmit the ear mites to other pets or family members. It is that you recognize the symptoms as early as possible is even more important.

Symptoms of ear mites in cats

ear mites infest the ears of the cat first. There they can cause such a strong itching that your cat bloody scratches on the ears. Another symptom of ear mites in cats is the constant skew Insert or shaking of the head. Some animals also fold the ears. Sometimes the itching caused by the parasite is so strong that the Samtpfote uncoordinated running in circles. Expresses your cat such behavior, you should consult a vet anyway. A look in the ears can provide additional assurance. A black crumbly secretion is another clear indication that ear mites torment your cat

So the vet treated ear mites

It is important to treat a cat with ear mite infestation properly to prevent further diseases caused by inflammation. The vet will find out by more detailed studies, whether it is in fact the itch-causing parasite or whether there are other causes of itching in the ears. Confirmed the suspicion, the first part of the treatment in a thorough and professional cleaning of cat ears. Then comes probably a parasiticide with the active ingredients ivermectin, doramectin and selamectin used. They allow you to perform the treatment only locally on the ears. In addition, the vet potential ignition treated by the parasites.

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again ear mite infestation prevention

On veterinary advice possibly other pets must be treated preventively at home, because ear mites can survive for several weeks without the host. Thus, the parasite does not settle back in the healthy cat, other animals or family members can recommend a spray environment as well as the thorough cleaning with a vacuum cleaner of veterinarians. To prevent ear mites, also may be necessary to a so-called spot-on medication. This is applied to the skin of the cat and keeps the parasites for an extended period of from to settle down again. Prevention You can also use the right tools for cleaning the cat ears.

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