Epilepsy in cats. symptoms of cat scratch disease

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Epilepsy in cats is a cat disease in which the functions of the nerves of the brain are temporarily disrupted. This results in seizures and convulsions, which are after a few seconds or minutes back over, but can recur.

Epilepsy in cats: symptoms of cat scratch disease
epilepsy in cats: After the symptoms subside, the cat is weakened.

epilepsy in cats ensures that the animal temporarily has no control over individual body parts or the whole body. A primary epilepsy is a chronic disease that has no cure and for which no external circumstances, or other underlying diseases, triggers the seizures are.

epilepsy but can also be caused by a specific cause (eg intoxication), which must be treated by a veterinarian to ensure that the symptoms disappear. In this case one speaks of a secondary epilepsy.

epilepsy in cats: Symptoms of the disease

Before the cat has an epileptic seizure, it may be that you notice some anomalies in their behavior. It may be that it acts restless, or crawls. It comes to attack, plunging the animal stretches its paws out of hand, is not conscious and makes spasmodic, involuntary movements.


Many of the animals during the attack running motions with the paws, slobber and set from feces or urine. After no more than a minute or two of the attack is usually over, it lasts longer, a veterinarian should be called, because the brain could be permanently damaged in this case. The same applies to attacks, which succeed one another in very short intervals.

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Is the attack over, the cat is exhausted and sometimes apathetic. To find her a vet and describe to him what you have observed. You can film the attack also, so that the doctor can assess the symptoms better. He now explains the causes and develops a treatment plan to help your cat.