European Shorthair cat

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European Shorthair cat

European Shorthair in nature is good-natured and even-tempered. There was a rock as a result of natural evolution, without interference seliktsionery. It is considered the birthplace of Europe. And the world spread through the Roman conquest.

About the Breed European Shorthair

european shorthair european shorthair European Shorthair is a very common breed. Its quite often seen on the streets of any country. At exhibitions exhibited this breed is extremely rare.
Medium or large physique. A certain color in the breed is not. Cat suit can be very diverse – white, striped, black, cream, brown and others. The coat is short, stiff, tightly adjacent to the body.
The head is relatively large, rounded, longer than wide. Nose of medium length, straight, his transition from forehead clearly visible. The eyes are round, large, slightly oblique. The ears are small, triangular in shape, slightly rounded at the tips.
The body is densely built, muscular, neck thick and short. The rib cage is well developed, back firm. Legs of medium length, rounded form with claws.

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History European Shorthair breed

european shorthair European Shorthair breed was created in the mid-20th century from the ordinary domestic cats. Shorthair cats bred in Germany in the late 19th century, highlighting them as canceled hunters. Besides breeding Shorthair doing well in France and England. In France, the most popular cats blue color, known in many countries as the Carthusian. In England interested in the breed with a massive physique, round head and soft thick fur. As a result of their investigations formed breed British Shorthair. One expert international class wrote in one of his articles that the two breeds, the British and Europeans are very close in type. In America, on the basis of European Shorthair was bred American Shorthair, great great variety of suits and larger.
The first people started to breed breed of European shorthair were Danish, Swedish and Norwegian breeders. The first European shorthair cat was registered in Sweden in 1946. For a long time this breed is not recognized as a separate and all the exhibitions they were judged by the standards of the British, who then called the european shorthair Vivo Recording European Shorthair. As a result, many Europeans were excluded from breeding. Only in 1981, these two species were separated. And in 1982 was officially recognized by FIFe European Shorthair breed and it was wound up a separate standard.
After the appearance in Eastern Europe and Russia feline clubs there is another problem associated with this breed. Confusion started because of the short-Eastern European countries. Same Russia includes not only European, but also Asian territory. And the far eastern part of the shorthaired differ from European Shorthair larger size, coat with a dense undercoat and others. And how to position these Asian Shorthair?
To resolve the situation World Cat Federation accepts standard does not differ from the standards adopted in FIFe on European Shorthair, with the only change – name. Breed was given the name “Celtic Shorthair”. THAT IS adopting this name instead of before, like the Federation would unite shorthair and Europe and Eastern countries. Although the name has not caught on, the amendment stressed the most important thing – to breeders kept the phenotype, confirming the absence of mixing with other breeds.

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The breed standard European Shorthair

european shorthair The head shape is round and wide.

The neck is short.

The ears are small, triangular in shape, slightly rounded at the tips, set wide apart.

The eyes are round, large, set slightly obliquely. Standard colors: green, yellow, copper.

Corpus medium or large size, thick and muscular and the chest.

The legs of medium length, strong, round-shaped foot.

The tail is thick, medium length, rounded at the tip.

The coat is short, stiff, glossy.

Disadvantages: deformed jaw, large whisker pads, soft wool, unexpressed chin.

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