Exchange impurity in cats. stress as a cause

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Your cat will not stop thinking about litter and the vet could not find health cause for this? Then you should consider your budget for possible stressors that could do more to create your puss than you think.

Exchange impurity in cats: stress as a cause
Stress in cats can lead to sudden exchange impurity.

A new family member, a move or a problem in the past: The causes of stress in cats are very diverse and can be expressed by various warning signals. The clearest of these is when the cat suddenly no longer goes to the litter box. Some possible reasons for this, we have compiled the following:

Typical stressors for cats

If the cat no longer goes directly to major changes in the family or in the living situation on litter, the cause of the problem is clearly visible. Parades, family growth, new cats in the house or the loss of a partner are the most common stressors for cats. In addition, there are also cats that have an anxiety disorder and are constantly under stress from an early age, for example, because they were given as a kitten too early.

Even small changes can stress

Sometimes it is also very small, comprehensible things that bring our sensitive Stubentiger to suddenly no longer for us to be people not immediately housebroken. Even small renovations, new or moved furniture and other changes of the living room are some cats so little uneasy that they tend to suddenly protest behavior. Others are very sensitive to it when new people in one of the apartment and go out, for example, in a new partnership to its owner. Also a new litter can ensure that cats from stress are no longer housebroken.

Cats with Bach Flowers treat: The Rescue Remedy Exchange impurity in cats: stress as a cause

Help with a cat psychologist?

If neither you nor your vet a cause, let alone find a solution to the litter problem, you can try different measures. You can consult a psychologist or cats homeopaths, or administer in consultation with your veterinarian or Bach flower sprays with simulated endorphins. The most important thing is that you, even if it is difficult to stay calm and pay much attention to your stressed cat. Scolding is taboo, because it exacerbates both the stress and its effects!