Fever in cats. Symptoms recognize

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fever in cats is a natural reaction of the immune system which shows the body to fight viruses and bacteria. Fever is therefore usually a symptom of another underlying disease, which should clarify the veterinarian.

Fever in cats: Symptoms recognize
fever in cats is manifested by fatigue.

When the temperature rises the cat due to an infection, it is called fever. Is it too high or lasts a long time, this is a great burden for the cat’s body and can even be deadly. Not only in order to clarify the causes, it is important to recognize the symptoms of fever in cats.

fever in cats: How to recognize the symptoms

The normal body temperature of the cat is between 38 ° C and 39.2 ° C. Also causes other than fever can provide for their short-term increase, for example, stress, heat or great physical efforts. Fever in cats expresses himself mostly by the fact that the cat is chipped and dull and moves little.

She is sleeping more than usual, eats poorly – or perhaps not – but drinks a lot, because it has a larger fluid requirements due to the high temperature. The nose is usually dry, the eyes may tear. Some animals tremble and her breathing accelerated. At very high fever also the muscles and joints can become stiff.

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In case of suspected fever consult a veterinarian

You can even own your cat fever measure to investigate a suspected fever, but it should rather consult a veterinarian. Most animals can be the treatment not gladly, so that an attempt could pose unnecessary risk of injury to you and your house cat.

As if the cat actually has a fever, also comes in the next step, to fathom the reason why you should either way consult a veterinarian draw. He then decides what action is necessary to combat the fever causative pathology.