FIP in cats. symptoms

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FIP in cats referred to the Feline infectious peritonitis. This is an infectious peritonitis, which is triggered by a viral infection and is fatal in the rule.

FIP in cats: symptoms
FIP in cats is manifested by symptoms such as fever, loss of appetite and shortness of breath.


The Feline infectious peritonitis, as FIP in cats, is transmitted by a coronavirus infectious disease that only affects cats. FIP in cats occurs worldwide and is transmitted by contact with other cats or objects such as bowls or litter boxes. Therefore, release prisoners are often affected. The severe disease that attacks the abdominal and pleural and ends almost always fatal. The external symptoms usually begin with fever, severe loss of weight and shortness of breath.

FIP in cats: Various forms of the disease

The infection can occur in a “wet” and “dry” form. In the wet form FIP manifests itself in cats by fluid accumulation in the abdominal and thoracic cavity. The parts of the body affected by the take deposits in extent. Can specify the vet these symptoms through a puncture – the removal of fluid from inside the body. Wet FIP ​​in cats diagnosed with findings of a yellowish viscous liquid stringy in body cavities.

The dry form of FIP in cats produces nodular changes in the organs of the abdominal cavity. The fluid retention and symptoms as the outer peripheral proliferation missing, so this expression of FIP is harder to diagnose.

Symptoms of FIP in cats

To begin with FIP infected cats often show little specific symptoms, as the disease begins with lack of appetite, reluctance to move and fever. The fever returns again and again and appears resistant to drug treatment. In wet FIP ​​finally occurs, the increase in size of abdomen and chest of the cat, while the animal emaciated strong at the same time. In the dry form, by the tumor formation in the eye, liver or spleen occur depending on the affected organ symptoms such as jaundice, anemia, eye tremors, paralysis and disorientation.

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