First Aid for Cats. CPR

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CPR can save cats lives. Therefore, you should know the basic rules of how to deal with an unconscious and your feline friend can help in an emergency.

First Aid for Cats: CPR
First Aid for Cats: CPR.

Check the vital functions of the cat

Before the CPR, you determine whether the unconscious Samtpfote they actually needed. Talk to the cat and make sure whether they responded. Then check the breathing of the animal: Raises and lowers the chest regularly? To feel the pulse of a cat, put your hand on the inside of the thigh. The heartbeat you can touch it in height of the elbow to the chest. Next, open one eye of the cat and shine a flashlight into it. Pulls together the pupil? If you can not find a pupillary reflex, nor the breathing of the animal, the cat is already dead. When the cat’s eyes are still, you immediately start with the CPR.

Important CPR

The first aid measures to revitalize targeted in cats after the ABC scheme. A for airway: Open the animal’s mouth, pull out the tongue and remove foreign body or vomit. It follows B for ventilation. The cat’s tongue continues forward. Close the mouth of the beast and stretch the neck. Ventilate the animal through his nose every three seconds. The chest should rise, but may not bulge too much.

Have you verified that the cat’s heart does not beat, you start CPR (C for Circulation). Place a folded towel under the animal’s back, place your left hand flat on your chest and press with two fingers of the right hand five to ten times quickly to your flat left hand. Ventilate the animal then again and then check again the heartbeat.