First Aid for Cats. Tips for emergencies

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It is said that cats have nine lives – that prevents our little rascals but not because, from time to time to put one at risk. Whether small or large Malheur accident: it is in an emergency, to remain calm and to act purposefully, because the better the preparation, the smaller the damage .

First Aid for Cats: Tips for emergencies
Very important in an emergency: Stay calm and be well prepared.

Before you go safe with our four tips on emergency number, you should create a small phone list. Write down there next to mobile and landline number of your veterinarian and the emergency of the service in your state and the Animal Protection Society, which pays for lost animals. On the website of the Federal Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons, see the online addresses of veterinary surgeons in your area, under which the corresponding numbers are listed.

To see the excitement all, you should take the list with you in your purse or attach to the wall. Now to our emergency tips:

Tip 1: Being prepared for emergencies

First Aid for Cats: Tips for emergencies

In an emergency, every minute counts. First aid books make sure that you respond in an emergency and your house cat can provide the appropriate care in a variety of situations, until the veterinarian arrives. This book was written by the cats veterinarian Dr. Michael Streicher and prepares you well to emergencies of any kind before.

Tip 2: Very important: The first-aid kit

First Aid for Cats: Tips for emergencies

With a first-aid kit for cats small and large wounds are supplied quickly. It should be in every tier budget and be kept in a place where it is easy to find. In the simple version of practical utensils such as field dressings, wound compress, tick tweezers and swab are included.

Tip 3: The Rescue Remedy

First Aid for Cats: Tips for emergencies

The Rescue Drops contain a special blend of Bach flower remedies, to the many pet owners swear. Your ingredients will help cats who are in need due to an accident or shock, soothe the nerves and give stamina. You may also be given room tigers are afraid of the vet.

Tip 4: Ready for shipping box

First Aid for Cats: Tips for emergencies

The transport box for your cat should be found quickly in an emergency, large enough to easily closed to open from the top and from the front and not be a new territory for the cat. To avoid additional stress, you should accustom your feline friend from the beginning to the box. The easiest way is if you leave it open it with a cozy blanket and a few snacks for a few days in the apartment are, so your cat can try them.