First Aid for Cats. What to do with eye injuries?

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First Aid for Cats: What to do with eye injuries? – Allcatsnames

Eye injuries can be fatal to cats if they are not treated in time from the vet. In the worst case your feline friend loses his eyesight. Therefore, you should know what to do in an emergency. First-aid measures can significantly contribute to a better chance of recovery.

First Aid for Cats: What to do with eye injuries?
First Aid for Cats: What to do with eye injuries?.

Eye injuries with foreign bodies

If you find a foreign object in the eye of your cat, you should immediately consult a veterinarian. Whether it is only a small part of the plant or something larger – such injury must be expertly cared for. But until that happens, you can also help your cat itself.

If it is a small, movable foreign body outside of the eye, you can try to purge it using an electrolyte solution. Do not use tweezers, as a result of the defensive movements of the animal you could possibly injure the eye even more. If a solid object inserted directly in the eye, pull it out in any case. In the worst case, you could open so the eye. Ceiling instead the injured eye with a sterile gauze bandage and secure it with a bandage on his head. If possible, place your cat a collar around so you can not scratch your eye on the way to the vet.

inflammation of the eye or surrounding tissue

Eye injuries caused by inflammation manifested in aqueous or mucous discharge, which in the case of a bacterial infection can also be purulent. In most cases the conjunctiva is reddened, and your cat squints often together or scratching with his paw in it. A sudden light sensitivity or the Decline of pats on the head may be a sign of an eye infection. Clean the eye angle of your feline friend two or three times daily with a clean cloth. Search precaution also a vet on who can prescribe an eye ointment to relieve the discomfort.