First Aid for Cats. What to do with insect bites?

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First Aid for Cats: What to do with insect bites? – Allcatsnames

The risk of insect bites is naturally greatest in cats with clearance. But your house cat can be engraved, if he has reached, for example, on the balcony or in the free-running after the wrong flight animal. Quick action is important now – if your feline friend reacts mainly allergic to the sting .

First Aid for Cats: What to do with insect bites?
First Aid for Cats: What to do with insect bites?.

How do you know that your cat was stung?

Most Samtpfoten screaming at an insect bite loudly, run away and want to crawl. In this country, cats are engraved in most cases of bees or wasps – both are very painful, so the animal will withdraw. To find out how bad it is, you approach your cat carefully. You will lick the affected area, gnawing and perhaps scratch. Do not touch the painful area to immediately, but stroke your cat gently. Have you found the site of the insect bite, check if it swells or how far to the stitch around spreading the swelling. Depending on how hard is the reaction of the cat on the bite, there are various treatment methods.

How is it treated an insect bite in cats?

It is important to react quickly, especially if your cat is allergic to the insect bite. This manifests itself mostly in circulatory problems and shortness of breath. But also a swelling that goes far beyond the injection site beyond or the formation of small, fluid-filled blisters may be an indication. Continue in this case to the vet immediately. The same applies if your feline friend was stabbed in the throat or in the catch. Even an insect bite in the sensitive skin of the feet is very painful. Here you should first cool with wet cloths or cold packs. Later can contribute to the healing of calcium in the diet. A trip to the vet is also a good idea.