Flea control for cats. What is it?

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Flea control for cats: What is it? – Allcatsnames

Fleas are a nightmare for cat owners, because if the parasites have only held once entry into the cats fur, it is not so easy to get rid of. The right equipment is now the A and O. This means to flea control, there are:

first Flea Comb for weekly monitoring of Freigängern

Flea control for cats: What is it?

To get flea problems successfully in the handle, it is important to recognize the parasite infestation as soon as possible. If you have an outdoor cat at home, you should be fur comb once a week with a flea comb. Examine the fur on the neck this very thoroughly, because there you have the best chance for suspicious black crumbs (flea dirt) or the polluter to push.

second Spot-on preparations for the prevention and flea control

Flea control for cats: What is it?

Spot-on preparations of the cat from the vet or from cat owners be instilled in the neck to prevent fleas and already kill parasites present. Your veterinarian can show you the application and recommend a suitable product. It is important that you always adhere strictly to the dosing instructions in the package insert.

3rd The Flea and Flea Collar for parasites

Flea control for cats: What is it?

The flea collar is an effective flea protection, you should be aware of one thing: Because of a cat collar always assumes the risk that the house cat gets stuck and injured, the collar should definitely have a special safety lock and not too tight. You risk though that the cat loses it and you need to buy a new one more frequently, but insulate a risk of injury.

4th Spray around the apartment at flea infestation

Flea control for cats: What is it?

If it should happen, and the cat has brought fleas home, not only the animal but also the apartment must be fleas. Textiles should be washed and the floor cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and a mop. In extreme cases, helps a spray environment, the parasites not only kill, but also to prevent their re-entry into the apartment.

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