Fleas in cats. The Causes


Fleas in cats: The Causes – Allcatsnames

Once they are there, haste is the word: fleas in cats can be a real nuisance to humans and animals. The causes can be contact with infected animal friends or straying into the bushes.

Fleas in cats: The Causes
causes for fleas in cats can be found especially outdoors.

Because their fur is warm and cozy, Stubentiger are the perfect hosts. Therefore, fleas are not uncommon in cats. The tiny parasites bite firmly and multiply rapidly. The causes can hardly prevent owners – after all, you do not want your favorite to take the space. A possible solution to combat cat fleas is a flea collar.

fleas in cats: Small bloodsucker

Fleas are tiny insects and barely visible to the naked eye. The best conditions for it are heat and moisture – which is why fleas nest in cats and dogs so like a under the skin. Did the little parasites once found a host, then they make the jaw a cut in its skin and suck blood. Some fleas reach as fifteen times their actual body weight.

The problem: Fertilized female fleas lay eggs on and after a few days already tiny larvae hatch new – they feed on dead skin flakes and continue to reproduce. Ctenocephalides felis, or “cat flea”, is the most common type of fleas in cats.

Flea control for cats: What is it? Fleas in cats: The Causes

Causes of flea infestation

Cats are basically loners, but outdoor cats like to roam and have repeatedly contact with other animals. Among the most common causes of flea infestations in cats include the transmission of the parasite by handling other cats – or dogs. Jump up to a meter, the little bloodsuckers from one host to another.

Other causes may be the indirect transmission via infected items such as carpets, clothing of people and a shared cat basket or scratching post. Fleas in cats also come frequently in animals, which in the great outdoors travel a lot -. The parasites, for example, sit in bushes in the garden or on the field

How can you prevent fleas in cats?

fleas are particularly active in the spring to autumn – then they lay off up to ten thousand eggs. To avoid fleas in cats during this time is not so easy, since the causes and transmission routes can not be truly contained. Often remain undetected fleas in cats. Intense itching can be a sign of an infestation. One way to prevent flea infestation is a flea collar. But this is not always convenient for your favorite. The best way to control the fur of your Prowler regularly with a flea comb. Warning: fleas, which brings a Stubentiger home, can be a problem for humans.