Food allergy in cats. What to do?

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Food allergy in cats: What to do? – Allcatsnames

Even the Lieblingsfresschen can trigger a food allergy in cats overnight. It is difficult to predict and generally occurs very suddenly. Although such food intolerances can not be cured, but your cat can still eat without discomfort, if you follow some important things.

Food allergy in cats: What to do?
food allergy in cats: What to do?

signs of food allergy in cats

The symptoms of a food allergy can manifest itself in two different ways: either in the gastrointestinal tract or through the skin. Some velvet paws vomit or have diarrhea after they have eaten something for them incompatible. Other cats get itchy rash and scratch constantly. Even asthma can be a sign of a food allergy in cats. All these symptoms are partially right away, in some cases, but not until days after the food intake on, so that the allergy is difficult to assign. It can also be food that your cat has eaten for years without problems. Such allergies arise in principle from scratch. They are also inheritable. Good chances of a premonition you have so if you know the parents of your kitten.

treatment of food intolerances

First, you need to find out what your favorite is allergic. At best you are looking for a vet who can help. He will first prescribe a hypoallergenic food that you give your cat until all signs of an allergy are gone – this can take up to ten weeks. In the hypoallergenic food allergy-provoking substances are completely destroyed, so your feline friend does not respond to it. Are all symptoms subsided after and fed by certain sources of protein. Keep yourself doing absolutely to the requirements of the veterinarian. Get your cat allergy symptoms again, you have probably found the culprit. From now on, your cat the substance to which they are allergic, a lifetime avoiding. For this reason it is now for many special food intolerances.