Fractures in cats recognize: Symptoms

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fractures in cats can be quickly recognize because the symptoms are noticeable: posture and movement of the Samtpfote clearly deviate from the normal state .

Fractures in cats recognize: Symptoms
bone fractures in cats are always a job for the vet.

Although fractures in cats quite different in nature and can occur in different limbs, the symptoms are all very similar: Each fracture is usually associated with severe pain for your pet. That’s why he is trying to relieve the injured body part – and you realize very quickly.

Unnatural: movement and posture

Normally, our velvet paws move very supple and agile. Fractures in cats lead to their elegance into its opposite wrong: you lame and pull one leg behind. Is the hip broken as in Kippfenstersyndrom, it even happens that cats tighten both hind legs.

Because cats avoid unnecessary movement because of the pain as possible, you should look for other symptoms. Even at rest, you can see fractures in cats. The posture is not as relaxed as usual. A broken leg is either unnaturally attracted close to the body or striking relieved, as in the upright sitting position. Also make sure that the affected part of the body to swell.

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fractures in cats: Quick to the vet

Do you recognize these symptoms, you should first remain calm and prepare everything for a visit to the vet. Do not reach frantically for the injured pet, you could cause him more pain than it already has to suffer. Prepare everything and embed your favorite injured just before departure as comfortable as possible in the transport box. This should be sufficient space to relieve the broken limbs can.

Remember that broken bones heal in cats only in rare cases, by itself and without permanent damage. Treatment of injury by a veterinarian is essential.