Gastritis in cats. Causes and symptoms

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In a gastritis in cats is an inflammation of the stomach. The causes range from food intolerances to kidney problems. The disease makes itself by symptoms such as vomiting noticeable.

Gastritis in cats: Causes and symptoms
cause of gastritis in cats: An indigestible swallowed?

When cats vomit, this might be to represent one of the symptoms of inflammation of the stomach lining. Vets speak of a gastritis in cats. It comes to an excessive production of stomach acid, causing the mucous membranes become irritated and may ignite in the episode. In some cases, you can also blood or mucus in the vomit discover.


Symptoms: When the vet


Other symptoms sometimes can be observed particularly pronounced drowsiness and loss of appetite. If you find that your dog reacts to the upper abdomen very sensitive to pressure, you should consult a veterinarian as soon as possible so that it can treat the cats gastritis.

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cause of gastritis in cats

What is the cause of gastritis your feline friend, can not be determined uniquely without an investigation in veterinary medicine. Often the cat food contains ingredients to which the animal is allergic. It could also be that your house cat has swallowed something indigestible, as is the case with pica.

However, serious underlying diseases may be the cause of gastritis in cats. Certain forms of kidney disease can stimulate increased production of stomach acid, and also tumors come as elicitors. Stomach ulcers are usually also responsible for the pain in the upper abdomen and loss of appetite. In this case, the chances of recovery are worse than a food allergy. Hesitate for a rapid treatment so not too long with a visit to the vet.