German Rex cat (German Rex)

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German Rex cat (German Rex)

The cat with beautiful curly hair can not fail to surprise and please do not look human, their extravagance. This unusually exotic royal cat breed possesses elegant exotic appearance. Represented by different species that combined an unusual type of hair, resulting in a spontaneous mutation. The name of the breed was by association with Kucheryavyi Cornish Rex rabbits.


german rex ( german rex) Thank Ilona Yaenike (Germany, nursery Batu) for the photos
In 1930, in a village in East Prussia lived a curly-haired cat named Munch. Munch was the son of an absolutely normal Russian blue cat and Angora cats tobacco color. Munch loved and photographed as exclusive, but none of it was not going to engage in cultivation. Munch had to deal with this problem myself, since he enjoyed the favor of the local village cats. Naturally, over time, the grandchildren, and among them kittens, ennobled wavy hair grandfather Munch transmitted as well as wool Cornish Rex gene 1 (although this criterion common features of these two breeds Rex ends. In appearance, Cornish and very germane different and should not interbreed).
One of the granddaughters Munch, adorable black kitty was taken to Berlin, where she lived in the territory of the Berlin Buch clinics. It was this cat named Lemmhen, when crossed with his son gave Berlin the first curly kittens, which was based on the breed German Rex. In order to expand the range of their breeding animals interbreeding continued with European Shorthair (unlike Cornish crosses with British Shorthair and Burmese). The first generation also had short hair, but the following possessed tight wavy hair.
Herman Rex FiFe were recognized in 1983.

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german rex ( german rex) Herman Rex muscular, strong proportional body, medium size, with long, slender legs with small rounded paws. The tail is of medium length tapering towards the end. The head is rounded, broad at the ears with a wedge-shaped face, full cheeks and firm chin. The eyes are round, medium size, set well. The color corresponds to coat color.
As with all varieties of Rex the main criterion for their assessment is wool. Therefore, it should be emphasized. Wool German Rex, thanks to the absence of guard hairs, reminds its softness wool mole.
All kinds of Rex, by reducing the intensity of the growth of hair fur is much shorter and softer due to thinning of the coating and the guard hairs. It is noticeable slight waviness vibrisy short and strongly curved. Often there is a tendency to a complete loss of hair guides, whereby only stored downy hairs. Rex mutation type are widely distributed around the globe. They are found in Australia, England, Great Britain, Holland, Sweden, America, Russia and other countries.
described several forms of a gene mutation Rex: r – Cornish (Cornwall) Rex, re – Devon Rex, rq – German Rex, ro – Oregon Rex, rd – Danish rex, se – Selkirk Rex, Beloyarskii and Selkirk Rex. In Russia, Rostov described mutation Rex (from Rostov-on-Don). And two mutations in the Urals – Selkirk Rex (from Yekaterinburg). Reksoidnost repeatedly detected among Persian cats. Their causes may be due to the introduction of different combinations of genes in reksoidnyh rocks (Robinson, 1993.).
In time we will tell about all varieties of Rex, but for now – Herman Rex.

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Breed Standard

german rex ( german rex) Body: average size and length. Strong and muscular, but not massive or awkward. Thorax in profile rounded and firm. Back straight from the shoulders to the waist.
Limbs: thin, medium length, feet well developed, slightly oval.
Tail: Medium length, slightly tapered from a thick base to a rounded tip. Bushy.
Head: round, wide between the ears, with a strong chin and cheeks well developed. Nose with a slight hollow at the base.
Ears: large, wide at the base. The tips are slightly rounded. The outer side is covered with a thick coat of fine, the inner side is slightly covered with hair.
Eyes: at a good distance from the line of the nose closer to the trunk of the head. Eyes of medium size, well covered, pure color.
Coat: soft to the touch and looks like velvet. She is short, plush and has a noticeable curl. Density varies from fine wool soft cover to dense uniform structure. Whiskers curled.
Colour: All colors. Any amount of white is allowed.
Disadvantages: Wavy or shaggy coat, bald places. Too short or bald tail.

german rex ( german rex) Character

Cats breed German Rex – affectionate, energetic, love to play, they know how to occupy themselves, like order as dog toys clean up after themselves after games and protect them. These animals are very smart, waking up, they already know what they will be occupied. When they are happy, waving its tail like a dog. They love people, their families and adore included in any home business. This breed does not have an undercoat, which means German Rex is especially suitable for people suffering from allergic reactions such as asthma, they are almost no hair.


german rex ( german rex) All rex very interesting and exotic cats. Their content has its own characteristics. Proper, balanced diet with high fat diet is very important for Rex, as it compensates for the loss of heat, which leads to lack of top coat. However, it is important not to overfeed the animal, which may lead to loss of shape due to obesity. During the growth of wool recommended complex B vitamins for wool and big wide open eyes Rex needs regular maintenance. The wool is combed neatly with a soft brush, separated into strands.
Rex did not freeze. They normally feel and warm, and a cool apartment. This is a very beautiful and interesting animals with high intelligence and need constant contact with their owners.

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