Hair loss in cats: Possible causes

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hair loss in cats should be considered only in moderation as normal. A close, glossy and soft fur dress is finally a barometer for the mental and physical well-being of a cat. Excessive hair loss can have several causes.

Hair loss in cats: Possible causes
hair loss in cats: The causes must be investigated.

A little bit of hair loss in cats is normal. Most Stubentiger losing daily more fluff than her master is fond of, but is not a health problem for them. Birth but bald spots in the fur of the cat, which is a sign that something is wrong. The cause of the hair loss should then always be checked by a veterinarian.

hair loss in cats: Physical changes and stress as a cause

Cats are very sensitive and can react with hair loss not only during stress. Other major physical changes may favor the cat tends few months after the event to excessive hair loss. These include hormonal, to injury and illness-related factors as well as external conditions.

Hair loss in cats can occur, for example, after having overcome an illness with high fever, was pregnant, had surgery, or their environment has greatly changed by a move or a new family member. Support your cat during this time, with regular brushing. A veterinarian can clarify whether a drug treatment makes sense.

hair loss by constantly brushing or scratching

Cats can fall into a downright cleaning mania and they should maintain with their rough tongue that fur in life is getting lighter. A possible reason for the constant brushing or scratching are allergies that cause severe itching, such as flea saliva allergy.

Also, a hormone disorder like hyperthyroidism can be blamed for the excessive brushing. Here the cats try to compensate by constantly brushing her inner turmoil. Also deficiencies and wrong food can cause itchy skin. The causes clarifies the vet from.

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skin fungus as the cause of hair loss

Another common cause for severe hair loss in cats is an infestation of skin fungus belonging necessarily in veterinary treatment. In this disease, itching occurs and the cat’s fur has round or oval bald patches on.

Inflamed skin are very unpleasant for the animal, also the skin fungus can be transmitted to humans. Who discovered significant changes in the fur of his favorite, so it should quickly consult a veterinarian, because the causes can be very different and in urgent need of clarification.