Hyperthyroidism in cats. Symptoms

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An unrecognized hyperthyroidism in cats can lead to severe organ damage. To recognize the symptoms of the disease in time, therefore, is particularly important. Find out on what signs you need to look out for.

Hyperthyroidism in cats: Symptoms
If symptoms of hyperthyroidism in cats, the veterinarian should be consulted.

An overactive thyroid in cats, also called hyperthyroidism, can usually be on a benign lump in the thyroid traced. This then takes over the distribution of certain hormones, which have a crucial role in the metabolic processes: you speed up your metabolism, which leads to the typical symptoms of hyperthyroidism in cats.

weight loss despite increased appetite

Because your dog is reacting more energy, his appetite increases. Similarly, you can usually find a significant increase in the amount of feces that leaves your favorite in his litter box. In this phase of the disease affected cats appear initially alert and externally healthy.

That changes when expressed another symptom in the disease course: Despite the increased hunger your feline friend loses weight when she suffers from this animal disease. Untreated hyperthyroidism in cats to a complete loss of weight.


Other symptoms

In the course of the disease can be identified according to other symptoms of the disease, which make it clear that your house cat is seriously ill. So it is amplified to stomach and intestinal problems with vomiting and diarrhea. Both the heart rate and respiratory rate are significantly increased, which on the one hand leads to hyperactivity, can manifest itself on the other hand also in aggressiveness.

Externally, the leaves hyperthyroidism in cats with reference to an unkempt appearance see: The coat is dull and shaggy, the claws too long, because they grow too fast. The further the disease progresses, the clearer are also symptoms such as behavioral changes.

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hyperthyroidism in cats can be fatal

You should now have long consulted a veterinarian for treatment, the hyperthyroidism in cats. Otherwise, the disease is fatal for your beloved pet. Incidentally the symptoms in rare cases, can also precipitate the contrary, if another disease is present: cats are weak and then show appetite. Such symptoms make the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism in cats themselves for veterinarians even more difficult.