If the cat does not eat: Tips on appetite

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If the cat does not eat: Tips on appetite – Allcatsnames

If the cat does not eat, you can use tricks to try to make her food again tasty. Loss of appetite that lasts longer should be examined by a vet, especially if the cat appears sick.

If the cat does not eat: Tips on appetite
Loss of appetite in cats: These tips will help to get it under control.

Your cat does not eat, but otherwise acts in top shape? Then it could be due to their diet. Many Stubentiger provide Especially with changes in diet across – try it in this case with another variety and seek advice if in doubt of your veterinarian. Perhaps this is also a food intolerance before that you can fight with a special lining.

Tips on appetite: The right place for the food bowl

Cats love peace and habit, even at your feeding station. So do not ever change the location but set up a permanent space for your pets a bowls. The wells should be large enough and slip resistant, in addition, each cat should be one available that is filled only with fresh, room warm lining.

For more tips: Neither the cat litter box, nor unpleasant smelling substances such as cleaning agents with lemon are in good hands near your cat’s feeding place.

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Tips for stressed or sick cats to eat to animate

When a cat is suffering from loss of appetite due to stress, grief or changed circumstances, you may quietly pull out all the stops and they try with everything to convince her otherwise what tastes so good. This can be a can of oil-free tuna in its own juice to be, or a roast in some vegetable oil piece of chicken fillet – they know your Stubentiger best and should it try to convince alone with his favorite foods from the food again and again.

sick kittens that maybe after a few hard days just to bring himself to eat again, should first be fed a diet. This you can buy at the vet and the pet trade, or using simple recipes prepare yourself.