If the cat has diarrhea: When to see a vet?

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If the cat has diarrhea: When to see a vet? – Allcatsnames

Does your cat diarrhea, you should observe their digestive exactly and rather consult the vet if in doubt. However, mild diarrhea may well pass by itself. Read here from when the vet visit is a good idea.

If the cat has diarrhea: When to see a vet?
Does your cat diarrhea, you need to decide after each severity of the symptoms, if you consult the vet.

If your cat has diarrhea, it is not a disease in itself but a symptom. The cat’s body tries to rid itself of harmful substances or unsuitable food. Both should be eliminated as quickly as possible through the intestines. From a food allergy to viral and bacterial infections, the causes of diarrhea can be varied in cats. Not in all cases, you must immediately consult a veterinarian.


Light can be caused by the food

Also due to wrong or spoiled food, it can happen that your cat gets diarrhea. Especially with Freigängern there is a risk that they eat something that does not get them. Also ingredients of pet food can trigger incompatibilities that cause diarrhea in cats.

Shows your cat otherwise no signs of disease, try one or two days with light food before you visit the vet. Make sure that your cat is drinking enough, because diarrhea deprives the body very much liquid. Especially in young cats, the fluid loss can quickly become dangerous impact. A kitten with diarrhea should therefore better to the doctor immediately.

A change in diet may help if you notice that your cat reacts to a particular product with diarrhea. Occurs after two to three days still no improvement, you should take your cat to a good vet urgently.

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Severe diarrhea: Immediately to the vet

In general, you can assume that a vet visit is essential once your cat has more than two or three days with diarrhea. Has your cat diarrhea and acts sick, very active and appetite, you should check with her directly to the vet. Even with blood in the feces, you should not hesitate and immediately consult a veterinarian, since it can act as, for example, the feline distemper is a sign of a life-threatening disease.