If the cat is panting. Possible causes

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If the cat is panting: Possible causes – Allcatsnames

When a cat is panting, can have various causes. Since the Panting in cats, unlike the dog, is not among the natural behaviors, it is important to find the reasons why. Below are some options listed.

If the cat is panting: Possible causes
Panting is a rather untypical behavior for cats.

If your cat often, and after a little exertion, panting, you should absolutely be examined by a veterinarian, because the Panting can also be a symptom of diseases. Heart disease such as HCM are accompanied by symptoms such as panting with exertion. Also hyperthyroidism could be. In addition, there are other possible causes.

For Doll raged: Panting after playing

Just in young and very playful cats it is possible that they exhaust themselves in the play and run so that they afterwards panting like a dog. In this case, they are usually just completely out of breath. If you observe something more in your pet and are unsure whether it is normal, you shoot it best when playing and then and show you the shots your vet at the next visit.

If the cat is panting: stress and strain as the cause

Some cats pant even in extreme situations: after a turf war, a great fright or a ride in the transport box to the vet. Soothe your beloved puss in such a situation, give him water and let it when the condition does not improve, rather get a vet. To avoid stressful situations and to provide first aid, swear many pet owners on Bach Flower Remedies and Rescue Remedy.

panting in the summer heat

If your kitten on a summer day taken in playing, or has lain in the hot midday sun, it may be that she is suffering from overheating. When it begins to pant, which is an important sign that she needs cooling. Moisten your skin carefully with a little cold water and add to drink it.

So you can give your cat in heat cooling If the cat is panting: Possible causes

You can put a damp towel on the floor and her, she will surely like to put it. If your cat appears restless, panicky or apathetic, you should bring them quickly in veterinary assistance.