If the cat was bitten. to the vet?

Siberian cat (Neva Masquerade)

If the cat was bitten: to the vet? – Allcatsnames

When a cat is bitten, which usually happens in the fight with a conspecific. But as bad as a bite wound and actually what you need to do when you discover it?

If the cat was bitten: to the vet?

If your cat is bitten and has come with a bite wound home? Well first it is essential to distinguish an emergency of a normal Blessur. A serious violation recognize the anxious cat owners usually at first sight.

immediately to the vet with serious bite wounds

A heavily bleeding wound, limp, or a striking posture, for example, an unbalanced holding the head, or a folding of the ears can be quickly realized that their pet has really hurt. It probably will not want to touch the area of ​​the wound, trembles or reacts when touched around the bite wound around with quivering skin.

If your cat has been bitten, it is possibly scared, confused, or apathetic. Maybe she hides even. Since muscles, nerves, or tendons may be injured, you should go to the vet as equal as possible and may call collect from him Erstversorgungsmaßnahmen. When the animal is excited or is in shock, many cat owners swear on Rescue Remedy, a combination of Bach Flowers that soothe the nerves and can facilitate the trip to the vet the cat.

Small wounds closely monitor

The severity of injury in cats is not always easy to assess. For a show cats do not always, when something hurts. On the other hand sometimes sees a bite wound in a tight cat fur from less deep than it is, and can ignite, especially if dirt or bacteria from entering the wound.

Cats with Bach Flowers treat: The Rescue Remedy If the cat was bitten: to the vet?

The trend is never wrong, even for small injuries rather once more than once to go to the vet too little, clean the wound professionally and to be examined closely. Later than they should go, however, if the bite is hot, red, or swollen, or your cat has behavioral problems, such as sleeping more or less than usual eats.