Imbalance in cats. Symptoms

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An imbalance in cats is a serious indication that something is wrong. Who knows the symptoms, enough time to find a vet to make clarify the causes.

Imbalance in cats: Symptoms
How to recognize an imbalance in cats.

Unique symptoms of a balance disorder in cats are obvious stagger or stumble. But the signs are not always immediately apparent. So it may be that your feline friend first avoids the scratching post suddenly or other high vantage points such as the window sill. Waits the cat regularly that you lifting it out from there, you should think about the cause of this behavior.

imbalance in cats recognize

Make. Also on the position of the head of your pet Is the head constantly in difficulties, you see one of the other typical symptoms of a balance disorder in cats. This can happen to nystagmus with fast horizontal movements. Eventually, the symptoms are not to be overlooked: The Stubentieger staggers, stumbles or runs continuously in a circle.

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As fast as possible to the vet

You should not hesitate long to consult a veterinarian. The causes of balance problems in cats are varied, but in any case require a treatment. So the vestibular apparatus and thus the sense of balance could be damaged, or present but broken bones and inflammation.