Important. neutering of stray cats

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Important: neutering of stray cats – Allcatsnames

In order to prevent animal suffering, animal welfare activists are usually in favor of neutering of stray cats. Especially abroad, there are many free-roaming stray cats that are not neutered in the rule and multiply freely – but in this country the problem is not unknown .

Important: neutering of stray cats
neutered breed cats living on the streets quickly.

stray cats running around in Germany. They are often physically weakened, sometimes sick and struggle to feed themselves. These wild cats are usually not neutered and multiply more quickly.

proliferation of stray cats prevented by castration

The young of wild cats is usually also to strays, because there are simply more cats than households that can give a cat a home boy. Are also normal house cats or farm cats also not neutered, then it naturally comes to pairings between well tended animals and stray cats. This pairing is at the expense of the pregnant stray cat and ensures an increase in the free growing cat population as a whole.

Animal welfare organizations such as “Four Paws” even believe that only a castration of one’s own house or Hofkatze prevents unwanted mating. Only in this way could ever be kept within limits the propagation and thus the suffering of stray cats.

Savannah Cat: Wilderness in the blood Important: neutering of stray cats

threat of communicable infections Decrease

Stray Cats also carry frequent infections and parasites in itself, as well sheltered cats. Uncontrolled spread of stray cats thus also means an uncontrolled spread of infections. Then in turn endanger the house and Hofkatze that meets with stray cats. One limitation of the proliferation of stray cats so is in the interests of cat owners who are concerned about the health of their own cat.

The animal welfare organization Four Paws lends itself for some years castrations in Stray Cats in their animal protection projects. In addition to the castration they vaccinate the animals and treat them for parasites. This also benefits the people stayed for some cat diseases after all, can also be contagious and dangerous. Of stray cats thus goes also for people from an imminent threat.

If castration is performed in cats under anesthesia and is basically harmless to the animals. In the cat, a veterinarian removes the ovaries, in the cat’s testicles.